About Us.

Bean&Leaf’s creators, Bill and Eddie, believe in a “local first” approach for all of our coffee houses. At it’s core, Bean&Leaf aims to be a warm and welcoming space for all of our customers.
An inviting atmosphere, in your community, where you can meet with friends and neighbors, over a coffee and perhaps  a sandwich or scone, all produced daily, and more importantly – locally.
Bean&Leaf opened it’s first branch in 2012 in the Mahon Retail Park, to provide a comfortable environment for you to recharge, before you get back to shopping!
Since then we have opened a coffee house in Carrigaline, at the heart of the town, where our team enjoys being a part of your community.
Our largest coffee house is situated on the corner of Grand Parade and Oliver Plunkett Street. Overlooking one of Cork’s most recognizable features, the Berwick Fountain, it is a beautiful location for you to escape the bustle of the city center.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy your visit to Bean&Leaf, as much as we enjoy having you.